Six Sigma

Six Sigma

(Fresh Visions of Business for a New Era )



Six Sigma emphasizes absolute quality improvement, beyond the traditional quality statistics and tools. The Six Sigma program is a proven methodology, which focuses on achieving drastically improved business results. When deployed professionally, for the selected business projects / areas / departments, Six Sigma shall prevent the defects prior to their occurrence, leading to huge monetary savings. That leads to competitive edge in the market and direct immediate profits enhancement. The market leading organizations of all sizes are cutting costs and boosting profits through improved productivity by adopting Six Sigma. Companies and organizations of all types i.e. Manufacturing, Financial, Health Care, Education, Hospitality, and Services Providers of all kinds and all sizes are adopting Six Sigma. Six Sigma delivers the positive results even if it is not implemented across the whole organization..





1.      Understanding the Global Business Challenges

2.      Building the Clear Understanding of Quality & Six Sigma

3.      Learn to Plan & Implement Six Sigma based Strategy & Policy

4.      How to Measure & Improve the Processes

5.      Identifying the areas for Business Improvements

6.      Setting & achieving the targets & goals for Six Sigma Projects

7.      Application of Tools, Techniques & Methods

8.      Benchmarking the Processes

9.      Customer Service and Six Sigma

10.  Improvement Techniques for achieving the Planned Results

11.  Designing the Future Plans for Adopting Six Sigma





The Directors, Departmental Managers, Controllers, Quality managers, Quality engineers, TQM managers and all such other forward looking professionals who are keen on improving the business performance for maintaining their market leadership & earning much higher profits, through effective & proven techniques and methodologies.





·         Introduction

·         The Global Business Challenges

·         Evolution & History of Six Sigma

·         The Changing Perceptions of Quality

·         The Benefits of Six Sigma

·         Understanding Six Sigma & The Hypes

·         Your Position Now & Getting Ready for the New Visions

·         Setting the Strategy & Policy Design

·         The Six Sigma Strategies

·         Six Sigma & the Stakeholders

·         The Six Sigma Roadmap – A practical approach

·         The Six Sigma in Services Industries

·         The Six Sigma in Manufacturing Industries

·         Process Design and Management

·         Process Capacity, Capability & Stability

·         The Risks of Variation in Business

·         Improving the Processes through Measurement

·         The Customers – in Six Sigma

·         Process Capability

·         Improvement Tools & Techniques & Methods

·         Brainstorming

·         Mind mapping

·         Cause & Effect Diagrams

·         Affinity Diagram

·         House Analogy

·         Re-Engineering

·         Control Charts

·         Concurrent Engineering

·         Benchmarking

·         Business Excellence

·         The Six Sigma based Processes

·         Managing the Improved Processes Effectively

·         Quality Management System – The ISO Approach

·         The People in Six Sigma

·         Six Sigma – A Successful Change Enabler

·         Six Sigma – Cultural Challenges

·         Designing the Plans for Future

·         Implementation Plans for Future

·         Conclusions & Lessons Learnt





A mixture of short presentations, interactive discussion, individual exercises and group work. The emphasis throughout is on a practical approach using case material and examples.


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